Innovation needs a starring role

South China Morning Post (subscription) Film and television are crucial components of modern society. They are as much a source of entertainment and inspiration as cultural identity and ideology. Economically, they provide jobs, facilitate advertising and consumption, and even boost tourism in … * IT News Online * (press release)

Slovak president’s ‘Rock Star’ video goes viral – Al

Al-Arabiya The video shows the audience go wild as 52-year-old Kiska sings and strums the guitar to a high octane rock’n’roll beat. (Screenshot). Text size A A A. AFP, Bratislava Saturday, 28 March 2015. A video featuring Slovak President Andrej Kiska singing and … * The Straits Times

She Dunham Wrong – Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair It’s never a cheery sign when the editor of a prestigious publication feels compelled to release a statement attempting to quell a firestorm over, of all things, a dinky, one-page humor piece. And on a Friday no less, when everyone in Media Manhattan is … * Variety * Toronto Sun * * -* 

David Duchovny ‘Nervous’ to Reprise ‘X-Files’ Role With Rumored Real-Life …

Music Times Earlier this week, fans of The X-Files finally got the news that they have been waiting over a decade to hear — that the show is going to return to FOX. This series has been deemed a cult classic because it dealt primarily with the paranormal, but the truth is that … * Boston Herald * Hollywood Reporter * Bustle * -* 

Wonderful Pre-Fall 2015

Officially, the Fall 2015/2016 shows have already begun in New York, so I thought it was about time to have a bit of a Pre-Fall 2015 run-down with lots of pretty sparkly dresses.

Nuclear Fusion Reactors Anyone?

Lockheed Martin Corp. said its engineers had made a breakthrough in the race to build a nuclear fusion reactor. They claim that within a decade they’ll develop and deploy a nuclear fusion reactor powerful enough to light over 80,000 homes