The Enduring Mysteries of Mercury’s dark surface

° ° Geek Infinite ° While Mercury reflects little or no light, its surface is low in iron that means that the researcher will rule out the presence of iron nanoparticles on the surface – the foremost seemingly “darkening agent”. To get to all-time low of the mystery, researchers … ° Space Daily ° SFGate ° Christian Science Monitor °  -  - °

Glowing Tampon Can Detect Highly Polluted Water

° ° Apex Beats ° People usually believe that tampons are feminine hygiene product. Surprisingly, a group of environmentalists claim that tampons can be used to detect polluted river and streams as well. The sewage lines of numerous homes of Britain are inappropriately … ° Daily Mail ° Daily Science Journal ° Inferse °  -  - °

Mars rover suffering from amnesia again

° ° The Silver Ink ° mars-rover According to NASA officials Mars rover Opportunity is once again having problems with its electronic memory system. In an attempt to eliminate periodic memory issues in the spacecraft, engineers have reformatted its memory at the mobile … ° Frontline Desk ° Mail & Guardian Online ° Yibada (English Edition) °  -  - °

Large Hadron Collider helps scientists confirm existence of the Force

° ° Mashable ° Physics. You never know what’s next — first we had gravity and electromagnetic force, then scientists told us about the strong and the weak force, but none of that matters now, as CERN scientists confirmed Wednesday they’ve found strong evidence for the … ° Phys.Org ° Headlines & Global News ° International Business Times UK °  - °

Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic, scientists confirm

° ° ° A diminutive songbird weighing the equivalent of just three teaspoons of sugar can fly over the north Atlantic, scientists have said, resolving a 50-year mystery. Tipping the scale at a mere 4.2 ounces (12 grammes), the white-throated, black-capped blackpoll … ° India Today ° Washington Post ° Discovery News ° °

The Star Wars’ Tatooine planet just got Real

° ° Times Gazette ° Star Wars has made it among the best sci-fi movies of all time. The dreamy set up of the intergalactic film made people wonder if such planets do exist. But just recently, NASA just proved that the impossible can become so REAL. The Tatooine planet with a … ° Customs Today Newspaper ° CNET ° °  -  - °

Total Lunar Eclipse On Saturday Will Last For Just 5 Minutes

° ° Huffington Post ° Keep your eyes on the skies on Saturday morning for what promises to be a spectacular — if brief — total eclipse of the moon. The totality will last for less than 5 minutes, making it the shortest lunar eclipse of the century, according to NASA. During some lunar … ° Daily Mail ° South China Morning Post (subscription) ° Sky & Telescope