Where Did Life Come from? Nasa’s Water World Theory Explains Earth’s Origins – International Business Times UK

° International Business Times UK ° Nasa have explained a theory which answers one of our biggest questions: How did life on Earth began? A new study from researchers at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has proposed the “water world” theory as the answer to our evolution, which …

Scientists develop new theory about how life forms on asteroids – DVICE

° DVICE ° Scientists have a working theory on how life may have come to Earth via an asteroid. But how did life get onto an asteroid in the first place? Several theories exist, but they’re all a little bit different. Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, however, have  … ° Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute° Pentagon Post° Headlines & Global News°  - °

Life may have begun near gentle springs on ocean floors, Nasa research says – Times of India

° Times of India ° NEW DELHI: A new report by Nasa scientists puts together decades of research to provide first evidence that life on Earth may have started on the sea floor, billions of years ago. In this “water world” theory, life may have begun inside warm, gentle springs on …° Jagran Post° Business Standard

Research reveals oxygen might not be as important to evolution of life – VR-Zone

° VR-Zone ° Scientists from the University of Southern Denmark are proposing that we reconsider how complex life actually evolved on earth. Oxygen is considered one of the main ingredients in the biological soup that helped to fuel evolution of complex life on Earth.° UPI.com° Medical Daily° International Business Times UK°  -  - °

Life Lessons to Take Into 2014 for the Best Year Ever

It s easy to think that as an adult, I m a fully formed person, ready to take on the world whatever the challenges. But I admit it, I m still growing, still changing and every mistake I make is an opportunity to learn something new, move forward a more enlightened individual. The first step of which is acknowledging those life lessons I ve learned in the past year, the springboard to having a more rewarding and fulfilling life in 2014. We re all in it together, this sort of confusing thing called life.

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco weds – CNN

° CNN ° (CNN) — Her character on “The Big Bang Theory” could never discuss the rings of Saturn, but there’s one ring actress Kaley Cuoco knows all about. According to People, Cuoco has wed boyfriend and tennis pro Ryan Sweeting. On Wednesday, she posted a  … ° People Magazine° ABC News° Us Magazine°  -  - °

Earth life ‘may have come from Mars’ – BBC News

° BBC News ° Life may have started on Mars before arriving on Earth, a major scientific conference has heard. New research supports an idea that the Red Planet was a better place to kick-start biology billions of years ago than the early Earth was. The evidence is based  … ° Headlines & Global News° NBCNews.com° PlanetSave.com°  -  - °