A somber close to the bridal fashion career of Amsale Aberra

British fashion designer Debbie Wingham first made waves in 2012 ‘ it sort of happened by chance,’ says the self-taught designer from her London workshop, ‘although it was never planned to be a ‘world’s most expensive’.

A somber close to the bridal fashion career of Amsale Aberra

NEW YORK (AP) — It was a somber end Friday to the last bridal collection created by the late Amsale Aberra, closing silently with the first gown she ever designed for her namesake line — a sleek satin column look with an illusion neckline from 1990, when so many brides favored huge ball skirts and pouffy sleeves.

“Every time someone came to say ‘I’m wearing your dress,’ it’s such a privilege to me,” Aberra said on the video. “It’s just a nice feeling.”

If you have more money than you know what to do with, then read on. British fashion designer Debbie Wingham first made waves in 2012 by creating the world’s most expensive garment. Now she is breaking the internet with the world’s most expensive wedding cake and a six-foot Kim Kardashian cake-alike. “I swapped fabric for fondant and haute couture for cake artistry three years ago, it sort of happened by chance,’ says the self-taught designer from her London workshop, ‘although it was never planned to be a ‘world’s most expensive’.’ Earlier this year, Debbie produced the ‘Million dollar Arabian bride’, a six-foot wedding dessert adorned with ‘48.5 million (‘55.5 million) worth of diamond jewellery. It was her first ever cake commission: a gift for the client’s daughter for a joint birthday and engagement celebration. “I started the year with a bang,’ she says. ‘It was on display at the biggest bridal expo in Dubai. They came to me because they know I’m known for creating quite crackers things and they wanted a show piece.” Her master work led her to her next client: A man who wanted to gift a life-size cake in the form of his girlfriend, who shared a remarkable resemblance to US reality star Kim Kardashian, to the lucky lady herself. The ambitious project inspired Debbie to revolutionise her production process. ‘I ended up 3D printing Kim K’s face in an edible material, so that was a good canvas,’ she says. ‘Then it had to be covered in fondant, mixed with modelling chocolate and re-sculpted. Debbie was propelled to fame in 2012 with her black diamond dress. Valued at ‘3.5 million, it was the most expensive ever made at the time. But Debbie surpassed herself months later with a ‘11.7 million red diamond Abaya garment. Her creations have appeared on US TV shows Sex and the City, Desperate House Wives and Ugly Betty. And now with the Royal Wedding coming up in May, Debbie has plenty of ideas for what could be her next ‘world’s most expensive’ showstopper. ‘What would I like to make for them? I mean of course, I’ve just done a Kim K cake-alike, what about the Prince and Princess stood side by side, in cake, wearing their actual bridal outfits that they’re going to wear? ‘I mean that would be awesome, that’s any cake artist’s dream.”

“The incredible outpouring of love and admiration for her has been such a driving force at this time,” he told The Associated Press. “It’s really been such a powerful energizer for us.”

Brown and the couple’s 30-year-old daughter, Rachel Amsale Brown, were in the audience, greeting friends and admirers before and after the show.

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Not to change the topic here:

Giving nothing away! Vogue editrix Anna Wintour looks stony

It has no doubt been something of a stressful week for Anna Wintour, after reports surfaced on Monday that she is set to leave her role as Vogue Editor-in-Chief after 30 years at its helm.’

So it should come as no surprise that the 68-year-old fashion icon looked slightly stony-faced as she stepped out in New York on Friday, heading to visit the New York home of friends George and Amal Clooney, just days after the rumors of her alleged departure from Cond’ Nast were first made public.’

But despite her somber expression, Wintour made quite the statement with her look, wearing a bold printed red, white, and navy midi skirt along with a silk patterned blouse.’

Straight-faced: Anna Wintour looked rather somber as she stepped out in New York on Friday, days after it was reported that she is planning to leave’Cond’ Nast this summer

Making a statement: Although she looked stony-faced, the 68-year-old’s bold and colorful outfit spoke volumes

Inside the World of Amal Clooney

A sudden late snow is falling, bright with just a touch of magic, as the automatic gate to Aberlash House opens. It’s an afternoon in March but, in this powdery landscape, could be January. Footprints lead a few steps down a drive, between a row of trees, and climb to a small colonnaded entryway. A breeze is up; the air is bracing. Amal Clooney swings open the door and gathers me inside.

‘I feel as if I know you already,’ she says oddly, setting a latch against the cold. Tall, poised, and’unexpectedly for someone often seen in somber barrister’s robes’funny, Clooney is an easy host, and dashes off to hang my coat. She wears a red thigh-length Giambattista Valli sweater, jeans, and leopard-print boots she picked up years ago in Capri. The stately entry hall around us (towering ceilings, crisp Georgian molding) is trimmed with personal details. A softly faded Persian rug extends down the stone corridor. A side table, lit by a simple lamp, bears silver-framed black-and-white photos of her with her husband, George, and friends.

The two of them bought this house, set on a tiny island in the Thames called Sonning Eye, around the time they married, and then spent their honeymoon here, camping out in the unfurnished rooms. Last June, Amal gave birth to twins, Ella and Alexander, and since then the house’much like the Clooneys themselves’has grown giddy with the trappings of first parenthood. ‘We’ve had some ‘Mamas’ and ‘Dadas,’ ‘ Amal says. She smiles coyly. ‘George was very careful to ensure that ‘Mama’ was the first word.’

The many charms of her life, in other words, have not arrived without some background work. I’ve spent the morning interviewing members of her family, but it’s when I meet her that I learn’and this is why she feels we know each other’that she also subsequently interviewed them about me: a barrister’s instinct for discovery, the better to respond by knowing how things stand.

Many people first encountered Amal Clooney in 2014, on her engagement to George. By then, though, she had already built a notable career as a London barrister in international human rights law’the system through which some of the world’s slipperiest transnational villains, such as ISIS, can be held accountable in court. ‘I remember all the stages in my career where I almost didn’t have enough confidence to try for something,’ she says, ‘almost didn’t have the guts to follow something I was excited about doing, because I didn’t know anyone else who’d done it or other people made me question it.’ Recently she’s tried to help young women approach similarly unconventional paths in law.

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