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Ashley Madison Hack Latest Reminder Stupid Passwords Are Stupid ?r=

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Ashley Madison Hack Proves At Very Least Ted Cruz Is a Cheater ( on their records) ° , Ashley Madison, at, is the go to website for married people that want to have an affair. A team of hackers known as The Impact Team threatened Ashley Madison with a hack to reveal ^° if they ever needed a password change?

Atlanta Hawks launch “Ashley Madison” promotional campaign ° , The recent Ashley Madison site hack led to panic and in some cases, ruin, as would-be cheaters had their identities exposed. State Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, said he’d be ^° after his account was exposed.

The Top Ashley Madison Passwords Leaked, And Boy Howdy Were They Dumb ° , I don’t feel like I am in a place to condemn or criticize the 36 million people outed in the massive Ashley Madison hack in August ^° followed by “password,” because of course.

Ashley Madison UPDATE: GoDaddy Being Sued Over Data Leak ° , Three Ashley Madison users just filed a lawsuit in Arizona federal court ^° They’re asking for a combined $3 million dollars in damages, claiming the hack has resulted in them becoming victims to threats and extortion.

Ashley Madison Hack Latest Reminder Stupid Passwords Are Stupid ° , The recent hack of fembot dating extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison, which resulted in data from millions of accounts being dumped online, has one more salutary yet familiar lesson to deliver: even very well encrypted stupid passwords are still:

Ashley Madison Hack Newest Indication Silly Accounts Are Stupid ° , actually perfectly protected accounts that are stupid continue to be silly. Although lots of facets of Ashley Madison’s company and procedures have lifted brows,

Taking a closer look at cracked Ashley Madison passwords ° , and the 14-million-strong password list from the rockyou hack. It should be noted that we did not use the full list of 36 million password hashes from the Ashley Madison leak; we only used the first million. So,

Ashley Madison puts $377,000 bounty on hackers' heads ° , They also believe the hack led to a few attempts of extortion from the outed users. Now, Ashley Madison is willing to pay up to find the culprits. If it succeeds, the bounty could renew people’s faith in Internet companies, experts say.

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