Beware the debit card crooks: With new technology, hacking is easier than ever

Our financial lives have become a series of debit card swipes. We swipe for groceries. We swipe for gas. We tap our toes with impatience if we find ourselves behind someone using something so seemingly outdated as cash or a check.

Beware! Someone’s eyeing your card pin (Jul 2017), Cloning, also called skimming, requires the copying of debit card information at a card terminal using an electronic device or software and then transferring the information from the stolen card’s magnetic strip onto a new card. How can you be duped? 27% alike.

Buyers, beware: Credit-card scheme gaining steam in NE Pennsylvania (Jul 2017), Credit-card skimmers are small, sometimes hard-to-recognize devices that criminals plant at gas station pumps, ATMs, A 42% match.