D51 Students Get A Glimpse of the Future

Eighth grade students from District 51 caught a glimpse of the future as a way to help them start mapping ‘ has guided her to consider a career in science and technology.

D51 Students Get A Glimpse of the Future

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Eighth grade students from District 51 caught a glimpse of the future as a way to help them start mapping out their career paths.

While students were not actually able to saw down a metal plate or give CPR to someone with a pulse –they got to explore a wide range of potential career opportunities.

Nevaeh, a student at Grand Mesa middle school, her eyes and ears were drawn to a world of costumes and masks.

The student who wishes to one day pursue a career in the performing arts says the field is far more than just a piece of art work.

"Kind of get to show people how you're feeling or what's going on with you or the world."

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12 futuristic technologies that could become reality in 2018

In the last year, the business and consumer markets alike have seen the release of advanced technologies that were once considered the stuff of science fiction. Smart gadgets that control every facet of your home, self-driving vehicles, facial and biometric identification systems and more have begun to emerge, giving us a glimpse of the high-tech reality we’re moving towards.

To find out which futuristic technologies are on the horizon, we asked a panel of YEC members the following question:

In 2017, we saw futuristic tech ideas become reality, from facial recognition applications to Elon Musk’s SpaceX reusable rockets. What futuristic technology might we see released in 2018?

1. Automated trucking and drones In the transportation industry, a lot of hype surrounds automated trucking and delivery drones. While those may not become available in 2018, there is future potential there. In 2017, we saw cross-country, semi-automated truck platooning take place and the inception of new freight apps (Uber, Convoy), which could become disruptors in transactional freight markets if they gain more ground. – Kristy KnichelKnichel Logistics

2. Quantum computing Quantum computing holds great promise in some areas, including cryptography and machine learning. But, until recently, progress was slow. This year, Google announced its Bristlecone quantum chip, which has 72 qubits. Google thinks Bristlecone can outperform classical computing in some areas and that ‘quantum supremacy’ will happen sooner than was thought. – Vik PatelFuture Hosting

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Meet the UD researcher working on ‘technology that would eliminate doors’

I first heard about HyperCell technology when’Diana Milburn, who does media relations for the University of Delaware’s arts college, brought up one of its new assistant professors.

“He’s working on a technology that would eliminate doors,” she said. “If you want a door, the wall will just open up. If you want a window, a window opens up. Then it’s gone.”

That assistant professor is’Dr. Jia-Rey (Gary) Chang,’and what Milburn described that day at a Pitch the Press session is exactly what he’s working on: Smart-home technology for the future, where smart walls automatically alter the size and shape of a space as needed. A wall turning into a desk, chair or bed, and, yes, they might even make an opening for you to walk through.

This type of technology is still very young —’HyperCell, as it’s called, is a work in progress, not tech you’ll be installing and connecting to Alexa next year.

But it is a glimpse into the potential future of smart tech, where architecture actually responds to its users. It’s a kind of design that focuses more on the principles than the final form. Like a box of Legos, the structural possibilities are endless.

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