Darrell Waltrip discusses Bristol Motor Speedway during pace car ride

BRISTOL, TN- Before rain hit the high banks at Bristol Motor Speedway Sunday, News Channel 11 Sport’s Kane O’Neill got a ride-along ‘ There were races I won here that I had the best car,

NASCAR Roundtable: Restrictor plates for the All

Several big changes could be coming to NASCAR over the next three seasons. Photo by LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC

Welcome to Autoweek's NASCAR Roundtable.Prior to each Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race weekend for the remainder of the season, Autoweek's motorsport insiders will exchange notes to discuss the most polarizing topics in the industry today. From silly season to race control decisions, this post is intended to generate conversation and inspire dialogue, so join in on the debate via the comments section below or on Autoweek's Facebook page.

Al Pearce, senior motorsports correspondent: No major sport tinkers with rules more than NASCAR, so this is nothing dramatic. I assume that drivers and crew chiefs and owners had a say — how much, who knows? — so they can’t complain about something new. Better to try stuff in a nonpoints race than a week later. It’s hard to say what the changes will bring, but that’s the beauty of it.

Matt Weaver, Autoweek associate motorsports editor: I'm not sure this needs to be the intended future direction of NASCAR's intermediate track package, but it's the All-Star Race, so why not try something radical and different? Look, I don't think the intermediate track package is that awful compared to 'the good ol' days,' but we do have too many of them and the races are way too long. I promise you that if you replace five races at Texas, Dover, Pocono, Michigan and Charlotte and replace them with Iowa, Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Gateway and Kern County Raceway, the tedious nature of watching intermediate races will subside. No sticky substances, Tire Dragons or restrictor plates will fix the problems NASCAR currently has on 1.5-mile tracks.

Greg Engle, Autoweek weekend motorsports editor: Why not? The nonpoints race is a good time to try stuff out. If it produces better racing on the 1.5-mile tracks, the meat of our schedule, then sure let’s give it a go. I just wonder, though, in this era of cost containment, how much will this be costing teams?

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