Five new trends we saw at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Whoever coined the phrase Scandi minimalism clearly never went to Copenhagen during fashion week. A dizzying and delightful ‘ and a winning combination of the eclecticism of London and that innate S’

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A dizzying and delightful array of pink and orange billowing silk, oversized mannish suiting and printed tea dresses, the editors and influencers that this week took to the streets of the Danish capital were anything but sartorially restrained.

The outfits on display championed a confidence and femininity that flew in the face of stereotypical definitions of sexy. These were women dressing for themselves and other women, embracing kookiness, comfort and colour, and a winning combination of the eclecticism of London and that innate Scandi cool.

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Street Style According To Adam Katz Sinding’s Le 21’me

Adam Katz Sinding outside of Manege Hall in Moscow during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week RussiaCourtesy of MBFW Russia


I started by taking photos of architecture from the street with my friends after work. Eventually, I took a photo of my friend Carl just as a light test and I liked the way that photo looked; it showed his personality. I decided to take more photos of people because fashion has novelty and is more aesthetically stimulating than just taking photos of passersby. Naturally, I started taking photos of people who I thought were well-dressed. Their clothes gave me an excuse because I was fearful of people thinking they were being exploited if I’d just take a photo of them without a clear reason. What started as a hobby eventually became a job.

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NYFW Men’s Brings The Heat

Amidst a blazing heat wave, Wednesday saw the conclusion to New Fashion York Week: Men’s. The New York shows marked a finale to menswear season that took place in Paris, Milan, Pitti Uomo, and London. Creativity calescent. Fashion feverish. The warm weather sure did hang around as collections felt the heat. Shows saw baring chests become a hot menswear trend – a trend that was well documented last summer by Despite models enjoying a shirtless season in summer, this did not prevent attendees rocking up to shows dressed in outerwear.

Whilst responses to the heat have been inconclusive, we sum up the highlights from a piping menswear season.

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How to Spend It: the shopping list for the 1%

In an age of astonishing wealth, nothing reveals the lives of the ultra-rich like the FT’s unashamedly ostentatious luxury magazine.


In the still slightly austere postwar Britain of 1967, where the great majority of the FT’s prosperous readership of 150,000 lived, spending opportunities were limited. The new, monochrome page had an article about installing home central heating, then a relative luxury; about a new electric coffee maker; and about how to select and cook a pheasant: ‘Choose carefully. Hens are always best.’ The most expansive piece was on an old-fashioned Scottish hotel owned by state-run British Rail. ‘The visitor is received with all the ceremony of an arrival at a country house,’ wrote the reviewer. ‘You go into the immense hall and no one takes any notice.’

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