Girls’ lacrosse preview: As the sport expands, some growing pains also are felt

For girls’ lacrosse, the addition of a third enrollment class this year brings some uncomfortable ‘ albeit temporary ‘ changes. Some long-existing rivalries have been broken up.

Rowing opens opportunities, especially for female athletes

Yet neither sport will be at the front of Kat Kern’s mind when she begins her collegiate career this fall at Duke.

Kern expects most of her time outside the classroom will be spent on the water with the university’s rowing team, a sport the Greenwich native tried for the first time just three years ago.

“My big thing was lacrosse,” Kern said recently. “I really wanted to be recruited for lacrosse.”

Kern would learn, though, that few sports offer as many opportunities in college as rowing. In the age of Title IX, rowing is especially advantageous for female high school athletes looking to compete at the next level.

Kern’s brothers — both of whom would go on to row for the University of Pennsylvania — convinced her to join the rowing team her freshman year at Greenwich Academy. But it wasn’t until later that year, when she was cut from the varsity lacrosse team, that Kern decided to pursue rowing more seriously.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Girls flag football growing throughout the state, just not yet in SWFL

The sport has not arrived at Collier or Lee county high schools, but the public school athletic directors are not opposed to the idea

The Lincoln Trojans’ flag football team plays well in a preseason classic and senior Kaylyn Buchanan talks about the start to the season and what the team hopes to achieve. Brian Miller/Democrat

The sound of spring is changing in Florida. Yes, there are still plenty of bats and baseballs hitting gloves, but the whistles and cheers are often focused on another sport: girls flag football.

One of the state’s fastest-growing sports is football, just not the kind traditionally played by boys. As documented by’s Joshua Wilson, more than 260 Florida high schools sponsored girls flag football programs in 2017.

That’s still a far cry from the 573 boys football programs fielding more than 41,000 athletes across all classifications in the state in 2015 (the last year for which comprehensive data is available), but it marks consistent and concerted growth; six new programs began play in 2017 and 18 started in 2016.

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