Greenville girls track and field team finishes 2nd at Vandalia Butler Invitational

The Greenville girls scored 101 points in Saturday’s meet to finish behind ‘ Follow me on Twitter @KShanerAdvocate or get updates on Facebook by searching Darke County Sports or Advocate 360. For more features online go to

Strikeouts not likely for Sewell nominees

But strikeouts? Sewell didn’t fool with them. He had only the golden sombrero ’emblematic of four strikeouts in a game in today’s baseball ‘for the entire year in 1933. He still holds the record for consecutive games without a strikeout with 115. And he reportedly used only one bat in his entire 14-year major league career, his beloved ‘Black Betsy.’

It’s likely that the 2018 Joe Sewell Award nominees, like Sewell, won’t see many strikeouts in their adult lives.

Annually since 2005, the Joe Sewell Award has been awarded to the young man and woman in the senior classes of Elmore County’s high schools who best combine the qualities of athleticism with leadership and Christian character.

This year’s 28 nominees run the gamut of sports ‘ from football to cheerleading and all sports in between.

The award carries with it the $3000 John Sewell Scholarship. Male and female category winners are also selected for academics, athletics, leadership, and church, community, and character, with each student receiving a $1000 scholarship. The Joe Sewell Memorial Award is the only program of its kind in the River Region that presents scholarship money in conjunction with the awards to overall and category winners.

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Gabe Kapler Is an Analytics Fanatic Addicted to Fitness. Are Phillies Fans Ready to Embrace Him?

Fluorescent lighting. As with most everything in life, Phillies manager Gabe Kapler has given it considerable thought, which is why fluorescent lighting has joined processed food, energy bars, team rules, large wooden desks, cardio, television and the Washington Nationals among the obstacles to avoid in achieving Kaplifestyle, his self-branded belief system designed to promote the best version of you (six-pack abs included, shirt very much optional). The evil of fluorescent lighting explains why early one morning during spring training in Clearwater, Fla., Kapler worked in his office by the light of slow-burning ‘leather mahogany’ scented candles while Norah Jones played softly on a desktop speaker.

‘One of the things that I’ve noticed when we bring players in here, they come in to hang,’ he said. ‘That’s what I was really trying to create’a place where people really want to come in and sit down. You turn on the lights in here’ ‘

A laptop and a tablet with keyboard sat on Kapler’s small desk, which is designed for use while standing. He said he chose it because it’s less imposing and because research from a ‘renowned scientist in the emerging field of molecular exercise physiology’ determined that standing burns 100 calories an hour. A large leather sofa faced a narrow, floor-to-ceiling chalkboard filled with inspirational notes, including the initials of his two teenage sons, his favorite description for how he wants his team to play (Be Bold) and quotations, including ‘Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up’ (unattributed) and ‘The unity of our country’s people is not only the dream of men, but an unbreakable commandment of destiny’ (South American liberator Sim’n Bol’var).

It was 7 a.m. on what for everyone else was a rare off day. Kapler had been in uniform for more than 90 minutes. ‘It is meant to get people to come in and sink into the chair a little bit and talk,’ he said of his office’s design. ‘When do you get into your best conversations? Probably when you’re relaxed.

‘We want the exact opposite of the principal’s office. Principal’s office, cinderblock walls, jail cell …’let’s move away from that.’