International Space Station hosts Alta Loma middle school students’ experiment

Aboard the ISS is a cube designed and programmed by the Alta Loma “SpaceEagles” space science and engineering team. The cube has a light that turns on and off based on input from a pair of heat sensors.

Noting, International Space Station hosts Alta Loma middle school students’ experiment on 18th of Jun 2017, ALTA LOMA >> Forget putting a class project on the refrigerator: A group of Alta Loma Christian middle school students have their work orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station.

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Noting, International Space Station hosts Alta Loma middle school students’ experiment on 18th of Jun 2017, Students and faculty from Alta Loma Christian School “SpaceEagles” STEM space science and engineering team recently worked on a robotics software experiment that was launched into space and onto the International Space Station.