Astronaut: Trump’s plan for the space station a huge mistake
(CNN)Donald Trump’s administration is floating a proposal to return to the moon — and to shut down the International Space Station to help pay for it. The first part of this idea is good. The second is horrible. If enacted, it could well spell the end of

NASA doubles down on deep space exploration, but uncertain future for International Space Station
Nearly 50 years after Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made the first human landing on the moon, NASA said it’s renewing its focus so that similar missions can become a reality a once again. “For exploration, NASA’s budget proposes

SpaceX’s Dragon: First Private Spacecraft to Reach Space Station
The capsule will begin its scheduled three-week-long stay at the orbiting space station. Image released March 3, 2013. Credit: NASA The Dragon spacecraft, operated by SpaceX, carries cargo to the International Space Station under commercial agreements the

Defunding International Space Station could mean the rise of space hotels
A Russian space agency proposed building a luxury hotel on the station — which is funded by NASA — and tourists who’d like to go would have to fork out $40 million per person for the entire trip. U.S. hotel billionaire Robert Bigelow announced his

Ted Cruz’s Flighty Campaign for the International Space Station
Houston, we have a problem. That’s the way boosters of the International Space Station (ISS) see reports that the forthcoming Trump administration budget essentially eliminates NASA funding for the orbital ISS after the current authorization ends in 2024.

The president’s space station budget is one giant leap for privatization
The Trump administration wants more privatization in space — specifically, the International Space Station. The administration’s latest budget proposal would see the ISS funded and run by private industry instead of the U.S. government. Marketplace

International Space Station Better Off in Private Hands
The nation’s space program often entails sucking billions of taxpayer dollars into black holes. The President’s FY 2019 Budget, released on February 12, gives taxpayers a pleasant break from space oddities. The Budget proposes the removal of government

A new company plans to launch huge, inflatable spacecraft into orbit — and sell reservations to countries and tourists
The first two B330 modules are slated for launch in 2021. BSO is also working with the International Space Station to carry its payloads. Bigelow hopes to build an inflatable space station more than twice as big as the ISS. Robert Bigelow, who made his

Student experiment selected to be part of Mission 12 at International Space Station
Students working on science experiment will be a part of the Mission 12 Program on the international space station with a group of astronauts.