Officials clear more than 120 missing children cases after human trafficking sweep
(Oct 2018) After investigating more than 300 missing children cases . At least 301 missing children cases were given another look recently, encompassed in an overall human trafficking operation to identify pot

The Earth is wobbling more than it should, and humans are likely the cause
(since Sep, 2018) Don’t Miss: LE’s iLUX smart flood lights let you . which is the direct result of global warming thanks to human activities. The researchers estimate that Greenland has lost roughly 7,500

More human than the Redwood 95, and a better jiver than the PM
(Oct 2018) How quickly they forget the Redwood 95, which would surely have passed the Turing test and proved itself indistinguishable from a human being if only someone had installed the empathy software. Pepper

More than 120 children rescued following human trafficking sting
(Oct 2018) The human trafficking initiative happened on Sept . Wayne County agencies all helped in the one-day sting. Out of the more than 300 missing children in the state, 123 of them were found and

Humans could survive underground, but it would take a lot more than shovels
(Oct 2018) But experts say with good design and a lot of psychological support, humans could make convincing—and surprisingly . Instead of sprawling, sun-drenched fields, underground farms will be more like me

‘Fallout 76’ Has More Voice Lines Than Previous Games Despite No Human NPCs
(Oct 2018) there are more human voice lines in 76 than the previous games! We recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Bethesda during an event all about those beautiful Country Roads and one of the