NASA Kepler’s K2 Mission Scientists Discover 95 New Planets Beyond Our Solar System
NASA’s K2 mission—the current focus of the Kepler . The discovery, published Thursday in the Astronomical Journal, is good news for scientists trying to figure out what planets beyond our solar system might be like. More exoplanets mean more

NASA’s new spacesuit has a built-in toilet
NASA engineers are working on a new spacesuit that includes . While the competition did reveal new designs, they would all require additional development to figure out how to integrate them into a suit, Johnson said. There was “nothing we could use

NASA confirms: Its undead satellite is operational
Now, NASA has officially confirmed the identity of . Once it knows what data IMAGE might collect, it’ll convene a panel to figure out whether the data can be used to do valuable science on a very small budget. Reiff, now at Rice University, argues

NASA’s Opportunity rover surpasses 5,000 Martian days on the Red Planet
NASA didn’t think Opportunity would survive its first . Now the rover is exploring a shallow channel called “Perseverance Valley,” helping scientists to figure out the geological processes that shaped the region. So happy anniversary, Opportunity!

S. C. Lee Junior High School science teachers to instruct, train at NASA
“The best part is I have my co-teacher, Joanne Dever, going as well, so we get to talk and figure out how to integrate concepts from the classes we take into our science curriculum . were selected to train at NASA in previous years.

‘Ultramassive’ Black Holes Detected in Distant Galaxies, Scientists Say
Using X-rays and radio emissions, scientists analyzed 72 galaxies lying in the middle . “We are using extraordinary data taken from different telescopes to figure out how this cosmic competition unfolded.” Galaxies that are home to roughly 100

NASA using Winter Olympics to study snow predictions
Snow is the one thing that sets the Winter Olympics apart from the summer games, and NASA, along with 19 other international . as well as a radar system that can “slice and dice the snow clouds” to figure out how they’re forming, Petersen said.

There’s something wrong with NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Now, NASA has to figure out exactly what is wrong . After that, we will resume science observations.” NASA is optimistic that they can iron out whatever issues are leading to the spacecraft’s battery woes, but it’s not exactly shocking that

Lost … and Found: IMAGE Satellite in ‘Good Shape,’ NASA Says
Engineers are trying to figure out why the spacecraft rebooted again and . “Should any of the instruments be functional, NASA will convene a panel of external scientists to assess the science potential in the context of constrained budgets for operating

NASA’s Silicon Valley Summer Camp Is Trying To Save Us From Extinction
In a nondescript meeting room in a fluorescent-lit office park in Silicon Valley, a group of computer and planetary scientists were given the problem . to speed up pre-processing of their data, figure out an asteroid’s spin state faster, and create