NASA scientists created 21 new constellations for the invisible night sky — including Albert Einstein, Godzilla, and Starship Enterprise
(Oct 2018) When we look into space, we see only visible light, but there are many wavelengths we can’t see. NASA’s Fermi space telescope can see gamma rays, which are invisible to the human eye. Only the most en

Moon and meteors light up the night
(Oct 2018) (NASA / MSFC Photo) Saturday night’s all right . for skywatching: Tonight’s mostly clear skies over Western Washington should provide a good opportunity to see the peak of the . and the terminator l

NASA’s one last hope for reviving the Opportunity rover may rest with Mars itself
(Oct 2018) The rover entered a low-power default state when a massive dust storm swallowed Mars and cut off light from . finally see the end of a mission that has already outperformed NASA’s wildest

NASA Sees for the First Time Ever Something Coming Out of a Black Hole While it Feeds
on 21st of Oct 2018 The pictures of the Black Hole we see on the internet or in . so much so that it doesn’t even let light escape it. But new readings from the Swift, NASA’s Explorer, and the Nuclear

Look Up This Weekend: The Orionid Meteor Shower Will Light Up the Sky
(Oct 2018) as “meteors close to the radiant [their source] have short trails and are harder to see — so you want to look away from Orion,” NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke said to Sign up to