New Camera Technology Uses Laser, ‘Bullet Time’ To Capture Fingerprint Details From 1 Meter Away

Professional photographers carrying bulky lenses to capture shots from a distance are a common sight, and even the amateur photographers among us have struggled to focus on the minute details of a small object, even at a close distance.


Camera prototype ditches long lens for distant images Apr 16th, 2017 01:15 UTC, New . built a camera prototype that can capture a detailed micron-resolution image from a distance and does that without using a long lens. A 42% match.

Camera Uses Laser Beams to Take 3-D Images From 1 Kilometer Away (years back), The technology works by sending out a low-power infrared laser beam, which sweeps over an object or . t harm people’s eyes when it scans them. So what could this new camera be used for? A 65% match.

Camera Uses Femtosecond Laser to See Around Corners (years back), A new study shows that cameras of the future . the system uses ordinary walls, doors or floors — surfaces that aren’t generally thought of as reflective. Only 24% similar.

LG gets laser-focused about the G3’s camera, claims it is faster than blink of eye (years back), The brand new . laser on the G3’s back that the camera uses to assist with focusing. LG had touted a fast AF system in the G2, which uses nine AF points in the sensor. With the G3, LG is looking to push autofocusing even further. A 40% match.