(Self-driving) car wars heat up between Google, Uber

USA TODAY ... SAN FRANCISCO — If you need a sure sign the race to develop self-driving cars is no longer just an interesting science project, David Drummond’s departure from Uber’s board is it. Drummond, an early employee of Alphabet who oversees corporate .° ... Quartz ... Recode ... The Register ...  – – –

Teen suspect in illegal speed trial crash arrested

The Straits Times ... An 18-year-old suspected of dangerous driving and taking part in an unauthorised speed trial has been arrested, police said. A Nissan GTR driven by the suspect crashed into a Toyota car in a carpark near Stadium Road on Saturday at about 6.30pm

Berlin’s IFA fair dons virtual reality headsets

Yahoo News ... Berlin (AFP) – Virtual and augmented reality gadgets are expected to hog the limelight at Berlin’s mega consumer electronics show IFA this week, as Pokemon Go gave a tantalising preview of the appetite for reality-altering technologies. VR headsets and .° ... SFGate ... Courier Mail ... The Sydney Morning Herald ...  – – –

Self-Driving Cabs Hit Singapore Streets

Asian Scientist Magazine ... Select members of the public will be invited to hop onto a nuTonomy self-driving car within the one-north business district. Asian Scientist Newsroom | August 30, 2016 | Technology. AsianScientist (Aug. 30, 2016) – In the race towards driverless cars .° ... PC Magazine ... Minneapolis Star Tribune ... TechRepublic ...  – – –

Dogs, like humans, distinguish words and intonation

GMA News ... WASHINGTON, United States – Dogs distinguish words and intonation in the same region of the brain as humans, according to a new study of how man’s best friend interprets our language. Published Monday in the journal Science, the report by researchers .° ... Christian Science Monitor ... EurekAlert (press release) ... Washington Post ...  –

SpaceX to launch satellite by reusing rocket

Rappler ... WASHINGTON DC, USA – SpaceX and satellite operator SES have agreed to launch a commercial satellite later this year by reusing a Falcon 9 rocket, the companies announced Tuesday, August 30. The launch of SES-10, which will be the first satellite sent .° ... Manila Bulletin ... Wall Street Journal ... Houston Chronicle ...  – – –

Seismic ‘weather bomb’ lights up Earth’s interior

physicsworld.com ... A new type of rare deep-Earth tremor, created by fast-developing ocean storms, has been detected by researchers from Japan. The signals from this kind of faint Earth tremor – known as an “S-wave microseism” – may provide geophysicists with a new tool .° ... The Weather Network ... Space Daily ... New Atlas ...  – – –