Chelsea Handler Goes Topless to Deny Breast Lift Reports

° ° Entertainment Tonight ° Chelsea Handler took to Twitter to post yet another topless picture of herself on Wednesday, in response to a recent Us Weekly report that she got a breast lift six months ago because she was “stressed about looking saggy.” The 40-year-old comedian … ° TheGloss ° Just Jared ° Daily Mail °  -  - °

The Robots Are Coming

° ° Wall Street Journal ° Do robots need passports? The Pentagon’s research arm will host two-legged automatons from five nations, including China, alongside homegrown offerings in a contest to test their capabilities helping out in a simulated disaster. The Defense Advanced … ° Computerworld ° Product Design & Development

Google Snubs Robotics Rivals, Pentagon

° ° Wall Street Journal ° The Pentagon is backing a robot -building contest that it hopes will bolster ties to companies outside its usual supplier base. But when more than 25 two-legged automatons face off in the finals later this year, the hottest company in the business won’t …

In Robo Reversal, Kids Learn By Teaching Robots

° ° Discovery News ° In pedagogical research, the concept of learning-by-teaching is a recognized and successful technique. The idea is that kids develop greater interest and confidence in a subject when they take on the role of the teacher and instruct someone else. ° Tech Times ° Bangalore Mirror ° Nanowerk