Singapore Pact for 3D Printing in Maritime Sector
(Oct 2018) Enterprise Singapore. The AM rapid production facility will be strategically located at Pasir Panjang Terminal, where PSA is testing port technologies for current and future terminals. It will feature

Wärtsilä launches Acceleration Centre in Singapore and partners with MPA and PSA Marine to develop IntelliTug
(Oct 2018) “The setup of the Wärtsilä Acceleration Centre in Singapore will support our aim to be the global maritime hub for connectivity, innovation and talent, and add to the vibrancy of our maritime innovati

MPA to launch on-port additive manufacturing facility in Singapore
(Oct 2018) Continuing progress to make Singapore the center of sea-fairing 3D printed spare parts the MPA’s first MoU with PSA, NAMIC . up regulatory guidelines for future use of 3D printing in the

Audi Brand Experience Singapore: All
(Oct 2018) The Audi Brand Experience in Singapore was a showcase of Audi’s new lineup as well a glimpse into the luxury car manufacturers near future. And that future is surely and steadily moving away from foss

‘Davos in the Desert,’ a Saudi Prince’s Glittering Showcase, Is Stained by a Grisly Accusation
(Oct 2018) The ensuing furor has tarnished the future king’s reputation and left his conference . media organizations like Bloomberg — organizing its forthcoming conference in Singapore — as well as The Times.

NTU Singapore to develop vehicular communications for multi
(Oct 2018) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore . on” data centre capable of handling live street-view video and V2X data collection. At the showcase event, there were four live demonstra

Audi Brand Singapore Experience 2018
(Oct 2018) To add to the multi-million dollar brand showcase The slew . was a one-of-a-kind event in Singapore that enthralled visitors especially with the concept cars. These vehicles beautifully illustrated