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Light-weight robotic cheetah developed

LONDON: Scientists have developed a light-weight robotic cheetah that efficiently uses its energy to replicate the movements of the fastest land animal in the world. The scaled-down robotic version moves using only about 15 per cent more energy than a … Robotic ‘cheetah’ might not look like the animal but borrows its mechanicsDigital Trends .

Lafayette Centaurus students cheer alum Jack Fischer as he boards International Space Station

NASA astronaut, Kjell Lingren, talks about the docking procedure, with a live feed on the space station running behind him, with the crowd at the Centaurus auditorium. 1992 Centaurus graduate astronaut, Jack Fischer, was launched to the International … [ April 20, 2017 ] Two fresh crew members join space station expedition Mission ReportsSpaceflight Now US-Russian crew reach International Space Station in Soyuz capsuleABC Online American, Russian cheered as they reach space stationThe Boston Globe .

Another Potentially Habitable ‘Super-Earth’ Is Discovered

In an artist’s impression, the possible “super-Earth” planet LHS1140b begins to cross the star LHS 1140. The planet shows early indications of habitability. It seems like only yesterday when scientists announced the discovery of yet another “super-Earth. Is This The Exoplanet Where Life Will First Be Found?Universe Today Most Habitable Earth-Like Planets May Be WaterworldsGizmodo Search For Alien Life: Recently Discovered Super-Earth Holds Best Chance Of DetectionnThe Inquisitr .

Climate change is looming catastrophe for California, Brown says

Global warming is a looming catastrophe for California, the nation and the world, but few people — politicians and the general public alike — want to talk about it, Gov. Jerry Brown told a San Francisco conference on climate change Thursday. Though … How To Talk To A Climate Change DenierUPROXX .

People trust science. So why don’t they believe it?

Scientists and their allies are expected to fill the streets of the nation’s capital Saturday for Earth Day’s March for Science, advocating for the importance of scientific truth in an era we’ve ominously been told doesn’t value the truth any longer … Scientists, Stop Thinking Explaining Science Will Fix Things. It Won’t.Slate Magazine March for Science or March for Reality?Scientific American (blog) Hampton Roads scientists, students to march for science on Earth DayDaily Press .

Cassini’s Final Chapter: 1 More Titan Flyby Before ‘Grand Finale’ at Saturn

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will make its final close flyby of Saturn’s moon Titan this weekend in preparation for the mission’s “Grand Finale,” when it dives down into the planet itself. Cassini will reach its closest approach of 608 miles (979 … Water, water, everywhere in our Solar system but what does that mean for life?The Conversation AU Cassini Is Ready to Sacrifice Itself for the Good of the Solar SystemWIRED OUR SPACE: Aliens might be closer than we thinkThe Union-Recorder .