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No, the Black Sea isn’t black, but it’s not normally this turquoise either

A natural phenomenon called a “phytoplankton bloom” has turned the normally dark waters of the Bosporus and the Golden Horn near Istanbul into an opaque tone of light blue. It’s caused by microscopic organisms that have inundated the Black Sea just … Phenomenon that is making this water look so beautifully .

Trove of new horror species discovered in Australian abyss

A peanut worm, of the phylum Sipuncula, shrinks when threatened. Ironically, it can reproduce asexually. Rob Zugaro. What lurks in the ocean’s abyssal depths? That was the question the crew of research vessel RV Investigator sought to answer in a … Bizarre marine creature resembling a male reproductive organ creates waves on social media! – PIC INSIDEZee News PHOTOS: The strange underwater creatures found 4km down in the abyss off AustraliaBusiness Insider Australia Australia’s Freaky Deep Sea CreaturesNational Geographic Australia .