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New sunfish species discovered in NZ waters

A massive sunfish found in New Zealand waters has been defined as a new species. (L to R) Marianne Nyegaard (Murdoch University, Australia); Etsuro Sawai. Left to right: Marianne Nyegaard (Murdoch University, Australia); Etsuro Sawai (Hiroshima … This Strange Creature Is The First Sunfish Species to Be Discovered in 130 YearsScienceAlert Massive two-ton species of fish discoveredThe Nation Researchers Just Discovered A New Species Of Fish That Weighs Over A TONNEIFLScience Tornos News International Edition (press release)

Watch: This cute mini camera drone can capture photos floating in zero gravity at space station

Say hello to the Int-Ball – a cute robot drone that was created by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). It is the first drone that records video with ease while moving in zero gravity, under control from Earth.