Space Matter: Mercury Is in Retrograde. Don’t Panic.

Space Matter is a weekly column that delves into space science and the mechanics of spaceflight. From the latest discoveries in the universe around us to the fits and starts of rocket test flights, you’ll find analysis,


'Mercury made me do it': retrograde explained (Apr 2017), "It's all a matter of . out into space to see the systems at work as a whole and from a distance." For skywatchers, Mercury is almost impossible to see with the naked eye yet the planet is easiest to see a week before its retrograde. A 61% match.

Planetary Shifts, Movements, Retrogrades and a New Moon on 20th of Apr 2017, Around midnight, Sun joins Mercury in Taurus, offering an important message. Early Thursday Pluto stations retrograde and Mercury retrograde . Often you’re working toward goals we don’t see or understand – not until they’re offered as nurturance . Only 21% similar.

What You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde (Apr 2017), Your computer crashes just as you’re about to hit save: Mercury retrograde . Don’t close on a house during this time, nor sign a lease. Verbal agreements are considered the same as written ones. 25% alike.

Your horoscope for April 20 to 26, 2017 on 20th of Apr 2017, Don’t prejudge until you have more to go on or you’ve tried it on for size. Mercury retrograde on a backtrack of Aries and Mars on a sprint through Gemini will speed up a sort-it-out process, a project, a relationship matter, or a time line. 25% alike.

Mercury Goes Retrograde April 9th Until May 3d – Pay Attention to the Messages You Will Be Receiving (Apr 2017), It is very important to pay attention while Mercury is retrograde, as you don’t want to miss the helpful messages that . the trick is to learn how to create space to welcome in this abundance. 27% alike.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde (Apr 2017), And this is something that tends to affect everyone, no matter their star sign or astrological chart! A 43% match.

Mercury Retrograde For 2017 Starts April 9 In Taurus & Things Are About To Get Complicated (Apr 2017), While many planets have retrograde cycles (Jupiter, with all happening, is retrograde until June 9, for example), Mercury is likely the one you’ve heard the most about. Only 21% similar.