Tech Continues To Take Over The Gun Market With These Surprising New Products

In the national media the American gun market is thought of in terms of politics. The thing is, the people who enjoy the shooting sports,

Tech Continues To Take Over The Gun Market With These Surprising New Products

In the national media the American gun market is thought of in terms of politics. The thing is, the people who enjoy the shooting sports, those who carry concealed and all the rest of the 100-million-plus Americans who opt to take this constitutional right into their hands don’t think of politics first. The first thing they want to know is what’s new, hot and cool.

Like any other market, the gun market is driven by new technology, designs and all the add-ons that enhance products.

This is the week when many of the gun industry’s new products are unveiled. Right now more than 60,000 employees of gun manufacturers and related companies are in Las Vegas for the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.

The Sig Sauer P365, a striker-fired pistol the company calls a ‘high-capacity micro-compact,’ is one of the handguns everyone is talking about. It’s a 9mm that is comparable, if a bit smaller in some measurements, to the Glock 43. But this isn’t a straight-stacked six-shot 9mm. The P365 holds 10+1 rounds in a double-stack magazine.

Another compact handgun getting attention is the Walther PPQ SubCompact, a 9mm handgun that takes much from the PPQ M2 and stuffs them into an even more concealable platform.


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At Davos, Big Tech Is Waiting for Its Grace Period to Run Out

Earlier this week, Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer report suggested that trust is collapsing in America. In a survey of 33,000 people across more than 28 countries, only a third of Americans responded that they trust the government, a 14 percentage point decline from last year. Fewer than half of us trust the media. Even our confidence in business, which has for years remained strong, was shaken this year, dropping 10 points; just 48 percent of respondents trust business to ‘do what is right.’ In the 18 years that Edelman has administered this survey, it has never recorded such dramatic drops across a single country.

But as Americans’ trust in nearly every institution dissipates, one industry seems insulated: Tech. That’s right, Americans still trust tech companies. Specifically, 75 percent of those surveyed said they trusted the tech industry to ‘do what is right,’ a percentage that has remained nearly unchanged for five years. According to the poll, tech is the most trusted industry in America.

That’s surprising after a year marked by scandals and concern over tech companies accumulation of power. The question of whether tech companies could retain their privileged position reverberated through the World Economic Forum, in Davos Switzerland this week. Speaking on a panel entitled ‘In Tech We Trust,’ Alphabet chief financial officer Ruth Porat advanced a theory. Trust in these companies is strong, she posited, ‘because technology continues to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.’

She’s right, of course. It’s the justification the tech industry always uses for its existence and outsized influence. The idea that tech is insulated from negative popular opinion because its innovations are so astounding has been the prevailing corporate sentiment since before Google was a twinkle in its founders’ eyes.

In the interim, technology has altered the world in complicated ways. Tech companies, like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have lead a massive shift in the way we communicate, which has changed who gets to have a voice. By giving everyone a similar-sized microphone, tech platforms have flattened the playing field and allowed anyone to convey anything. While this has had many positive effects, this friction-free approach to publishing has had darker consequences too. Giving weight to any opinion that can game the system’s algorithms has eroded our faith in traditional institutions, helped aid in the rise of authoritarian regimes, and facilitated the proliferation of disinformation. All of this is reflected in the plummeting trust in other types of institutions in Edelman’s data.


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