The Future of the Cloud Depends on Magnetic Tape
(Oct 2018) “It’s part of what’s keeping the world running,” says Paul Luppino, director of technology services for data management at Iron Mountain Inc., which has stored more than 85 million inch-thick, four-an

Workspace Of The Future On Display Today At The Dimension Data Digital Workplace Center of Excellence In Silicon Valley
(Oct 2018) The capital of innovation will host an enterprise technology playground featuring . the workspace of the future enables continuous innovation of fresh business models, processes and outcomes.

The Future Of Smart Cities Depends On Private Real Estate Adoption
(Oct 2018) One major driving force behind the adoption of smart building technology is safety . From a sustainability perspective, Monteith envisions a future where groups of buildings sync up with local weath

Executive Insights on the Current and Future State of the Cloud
(Oct 2018) While it’s a very exciting time, there’s a danger that technology is changing so fast . as complex as suppliers are making them. 6. The future of the cloud is more companies pursuing

Rockwell Automation launches podcast on ‘future of smart manufacturing’
(Oct 2018) “State of the Industry: Your Guide to the Future of Smart Manufacturing,” is hosted by Rockwell’s director of advanced technology Dave Vasko. Rockwell and Vasko have published three episodes of the po

AT&T’s betting you’re going to watch a lot more video in the future — and that’s driving its ‘video centric’ 5G network strategy
(Oct 2018) But for AT&T chief technology officer Andre Fuetsch . Among the “Big 4” wireless giants, no two carriers are alike in the way that they see 5G driving their future. Verizon has touted its ability to

Frere Enterprises on Future Considerations for the Internet of Things
(Oct 2018) Many companies keep track of equipment through the use of bar codes, but in the future, they’ll have effortless inventory . a global vision based around the usage of special financial technology, or

While Qualcomm touts the benefits of their new 60GHz WiFi Chipset, Apple will deliver Similar Features on Future 5G iPhones
(Oct 2018) Although the report covered Qualcomm’s new 60GHz WiFi portfolio, it’s to be sure that Apple will be adopting a matching technology. So when we learn that Qualcomm’s new 60GHz WiFi is on the way and ca

Lockheed Martin on Our Future on Mars
on 21st of Oct 2018 “The more diverse the team is, the better the end product,” says Napier. According to him, with technology evolving, the demand for engineers will only increase. In fact, Lockheed Martin will be in ne