Tempeh science taken to outer space

Tempeh, which has become increasingly popular abroad, may also gain popularity in outer space if an experiment by a group of North Sumatra students succeeds.

6 Worst Things That Have Happened In Space (in Gaming) (Jun 2017), Outer space is the perfect place to set a video game. Knowing the limitlessness of science and the sheer size of space makes it the perfect place to pluck from to create a cool new mythos for a video game. A 41% match.

Science or fiction? Putting Hollywood under the microscope (Jun 2017), Science fiction films capture our imaginations as they take us to other worlds and other times . popular culture’s view of science and outer space is formed and manipulated by Hollywood’s depiction on the big screen. 28% alike.

NASA reveals deep space training mission that will send astronauts to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (Jun 2017), The mission will take place at the Florida International University’s Aquarius Reef Base 6.2 miles off the coast of Florida. ‘The close parallels of inner and outer space exploration . as well as complex marine science. 27% alike.

Students take virtual space trip (Jun 2017), STRONG — Strong Elementary School’s sixth-grade cadets went to outer space for 15 weeks, all without leaving their classroom. 25% alike.

15 best items for those who are obsessed with outer space (Jun 2017), Outer space is a polarizing concept. Some people are terrified, while others can’t get enough. Consider this a little tribute to those of you who are mesmerized by both the stars and the science behind . a huge comeback, A 39% match.

How Long Would A Fidget Spinner Spin In Space? on 18th of Jun 2017, So, the question asked in the Mashable piece, with all happening, is whether a fidget spinner would spin forever in space. They end up saying “no . the central ring of, as may be specified, the spinner immobile, with the outer bits spinning relative to it on a very good roller bearing. Topping at 30%.