AI In Business: This Is What The Future Holds
AI proves its value. Corporate America is on the cusp of a plunge into this future of AI in business. And giant technology companies — which stand to benefit by both harnessing their own artificial intelligence applications and helping other companies

Is this the flying taxi of the future? New video shows Airbus’ one
Airbus hopes to create a fleet of self-flying taxis in the near future, with plans to have a commercial version of the AlphaOne in operation by 2020. Alpha One climbed to a height of 16 feet (five metres) before successfully returning to the ground

Laser technology in Gallatin Valley: The future is now
BOZEMAN – The Gallatin Valley is known as a center of laser technology. Laser and photonics technology came to the valley starting in the 1980s. Since then, the industry has grown exponentially with currently more than 40 companies calling Montana home.

Why investing in the right infrastructure technology is crucial for the UK’s future
The UK’s national infrastructure – the roads, rail, runways, power stations, bridges and tunnels which underpin our daily activities and drive the economy – is expensive, often costing billions of pounds to construct a single asset. Projects can take

The Future of Science Is Black
In January, H&M added itself to a very long list of retailers trafficking in scientific racism. The viral images, from H&M’s UK retail site, featured a young Black boy modeling a sweatshirt with the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” and a young

A clinic that opened in 1971 is the future of Nova Scotia health care
Carolyn Ray is a videojournalist who has reported out of three provinces and two territories, and is now based in Halifax. You can reach her at Long before collaborative-health centres became a trend, the model was thriving in Halifax’s

The Museum of the Future Is Here … in Dubai
. operating officer of the Dubai Future Foundation (the government arm managing the museum), raving about the way future tech can help ease environmental concerns. Case in point: The UAE desalinates 80–85 percent of its water and imports about 80

Ford is Investing in Artificial Intelligence for the Smart Future
But Ford knows that a change is on the horizon and it’s hard to really say when autonomous tech will become mainstream but sometimes change seems to happen overnight. It’s easy to speculate, but investing in the future and gathering the tools that will

Is there a future in retail banking? Part II
A good example of this is the Scottish bank Clydesdale. Clydesdale has a focus on technology, and they bring this innovation to life in the branches where they showcase it in a way that encourages dialogue between the staff and consumers. The branch