The future of tech is in ‘cities across Africa,’ says start

Silicon Valley’s days leading the tech revolution may be coming to an end, according to one optimistic observer who believes the future of technology lies much further abroad than San Francisco.

Fatu Ogwuche: Where elections are now a norm, Africa must leapfrog into the future with innovation on 18th of Jun 2017, Elections in Africa have seen remarkable improvements since the 2000s. However, the democratic process of electing leaders into office which is now a norm in many parts of the continent is not without its own challenges, 28% alike.

Africa’s Future As Industrial Powerhouse Depends On Electricity Supply (Jun 2017), The International Monetary Fund has predicted that the African continent is expected to become the world second-fastest growing economy by 2020. Only 21% similar.

Banking the Future debate on 18th of Jun 2017, In the first of a series of discussions about the future of financial products and services, CNBC Africa presents Banking the Future brought to you by Union Bank as the institution commemorates a century of banking business in Nigeria. 29% alike.

South Africa: President Zuma Tells Young People – Education Is Your Future (Jun 2017), Tshing — South Africa’s youth who gathered in the North West province for this year’s Youth Month celebrations on Friday have supported the call by President Jacob Zuma to place education at the forefront of their lives. A 40% match.

Africa: Drought and Jobless, Hopeless Youth, Fertile Grounds for Extremism Jun 19th, 2017 00:10 UTC, hopelessness about the future and poverty are fertile grounds for extremism, and a sign of insecurity, instability and unsustainability. 28% alike.

South Africa Corrosion Protective Coatings and Acid Proof Lining Market to expand at a CAGR of 5.7% through 2016-2026 on 18th of Jun 2017, The undue exposure to chemical and, actions in play, mechanical abrasion continues to distress the operational efficiency in several end-use industries, fuelling demand, warrant quite rightly for, effective corrosion protection coatings and durable acid proof linings in South Africa. Only 21% similar.

One Source, The future of tech is in ‘cities across Africa,’ says start-up CEO on 18th of Jun 2017, Africa has 300 tech hubs in 93 cities across 42 countries. Andela is one of the startups accelerating the continent’s tech evolution. The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative led Andela’s series B funding round last year.