The Future of Mobile Apps and Location Based Technology
(Oct 2018) Location-based technology, or otherwise known as Geolocation, has provided many opportunities to new businesses that would not have been able to operate without it. It has allowed for a new

What the future holds for Apple Search Ads
on 19th of Oct 2018 Two years on from their launch, Rory Mudie, CEO of Redbox Mobile, considers how Apple Search Ads might evolve in the future. Earlier this month, Apple celebrated the two-year anniversary of Apple Sear

Learn about the future of mobile VR from Nolo VR at XRDC!
(Oct 2018) With two weeks to go until XRDC kicks off in San Francisco, now is a great time to talk about some of the intriguing sponsored sessions that our cutting-edge partners are bringing to the show. You can

Prepare for 5G: what does the future look like for mobile operators?
(Oct 2018) In the first of a series of articles in advance of this year’s Broadband World Forum, Niall Hunt, the digital content lead for the event, explores how preparations for 5G are progressing. Although man

The battle for the future of TV
(Oct 2018) The race to own the future of TV is intensifying, with mobile and streaming video companies looking to build or expand video services that will launch by next year. Why it matters: There’s billions of

Augmenting the Future with AR, Wearables, and Mobile Devices
(Oct 2018) In an era where robots and automation are increasingly relevant, there are many factors to weigh when integrating new technology into your workplace. As hardware and software platforms continue to imp

The Future of Banking Is Mobile and ‘Mostly Cashless’
(Oct 2018) The people have spoken. The future of banking is mobile and cashless, or at least “mostly cashless.” That’s according to Bank Innovation’s annual State of Banking Innovation survey for 2018. Responden

Warnings sounded over future of mobile network
(Oct 2018) Dundee researchers have issued warnings over potential security threats faced by the soon-to-be introduced 5G mobile phone network. Computing and security experts from Dundee University have discovere