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Anthem of a Nation ° , The Anthem of our Nation has has been a topic of discussion recently. The English term ‘Nation’ had been traced back to 1300 A.D. and is said to come from the French ‘Nacion’, which in turn had come from Latin ‘Natio’ meaning birth. There is also a Latin word ‘Gens’.

The Probable Historical Origin of the so-called Islamist Terrorists ° , No doubt, since the sudden appearance of the group called Daesh or ISIS in the last summer, their rapid progress and spread shocked all of us throughout the world, wondering ever since who are they? -Roya Monajem, Tehran

A 'South Park' episode from 2005 perfectly explains Scientology's unbelievable theory of how the world began ° , Now that Alex Gibney’s new investigative documentary on Scientology , “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” is in limited release, everybody is talking about its bombshell revelations about the church . One of the biggest is Scientologists’ answer to how the universe began and the secret of life. The incredible story that Scientologists believe involves a galactic overlord by the …

The Walking Dead season 5 finale: Could Rick actually become the brutal villain Negan? ° , The last few episodes of The Walking Dead season 5 have been somewhat strange with a strong undercurrent of tension. Sure, Rick’s group is trying to adjust to a life of normalcy in the Alexandria Safe-Zone but that’s not all there is to it. Since before The Walking Dead season 5 premiere, the cast and crew have been teasing how the new episodes will affect and change the show’s characters. As …

The English word theory was derived from a technical term in Ancient Greek philosophy. The word theoria, , meant Quotation Quotations About This Subject Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind. In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. It is theory that decides what can be observed. Socrates thought and so do I that the wisest theory about the gods is no theory at all. Some theories are good for nothing except to be argued about. In order to shake a hypothesis, it is sometimes not necessary to do anything more than push it as far as it will go. One must credit an ...

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