Are we all aliens? Life on Earth may have arrived from MARS on an asteroid, claims scientist (since Jan, 2017), The Panspermia theory suggests that Mars once had the right conditions for life to form, including water and an atmosphere.

South Dakota bill leaves evolution skepticism up to teachers on 21st of Feb 2017, Wells said one high school senior told her that he wouldn't come to her class if she dropped evolutionary theory and picked up intelligent design, which holds that certain features of life forms are so complex that they can best be explained by an . Disregarding Fake News from Darwin Promoters, South Dakota Scientist Applauds Academic Freedom BillDiscovery Institute .

Long-running Texas evolution debate has big classroom impact (Feb 2017), Academics argue that still leaves room for questioning evolution since discussion of those gaps — and some study of cell makeup and life origins — is built on creationist theories. Q: Does this impact schools outside Texas?

Astronomers Planning To Map Family Tree Of Stars In The Galaxy on 21st of Feb 2017, . theory “Origin of Species,” which detailed that every life form on Earth shares a common ancestor. The theory has opened numerous avenues in the field of evolutionary biology since then.

How New Star Wars Novel Could Support an Insane Jar Jar Sith Lord and Snoke Theory on 21st of Feb 2017, But novelist Chuck Wendig also penned brilliant “Interlude” chapters, which give snapshots of life around the galaxy, sometimes using famous characters from Star Wars history. Characters like Jar Jar Binks.

Did Darwin’s theory of evolution encourage abolition of slavery … (Feb 2017), Randall Fuller argues that Darwin's work catalyzed effort to rid the nation of slavery.

The age of antimicrobial resistance on 21st of Feb 2017, In the short story “Micro-age” (1998), science fiction writer Cixin Liu imagines a distant future where a faction of humans downsized themselves through genetic engineering and nanotechnology to the size of bacteria.