Vietnam’s satellite to enter space in late 2018

Micro Dragon, an earth observation satellite, weighs 50kg and measures 50x50x50cm. It was created by 36 VNSC engineers who studied space technology in Japan. They began creating the satellite in 2013, and it was tested successfully in 2017.

Micro Dragon satellite to enter space in late 2018

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Quite a lot has been going on:

PH takes small steps, as it aims for giant leaps in space technology

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) ‘"Oscar November 4, India-Sierra-Sierra, this is Delta-X-Ray-1-India-Sierra-Sierra, Philippines, all copy. Over."

It was a message repeated 27 times by Philippine space engineer Leo Almazan, as the International Space Station (ISS) passed over the Philippines late afternoon of February 17.

A group of high school students tensely waited, as they looked at a little yellow blip on a blue radar screen indicating the location of the ISS. But all they got was silence.’

"We only have a (communication) window of about 10 minutes, horizon to horizon," Almazan explained to the students. "Might be shorter, due to time delays, and other factors beyond our control."

The attempted contact would have been the first for the children who were eager to ask NASA astronauts questions on space exploration and technology.

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