Were Neanderthals Europe’s First Cave Artists? – Discovery News

Were Neanderthals Europe's First Cave Artists?
Discovery News
The study suggests that the art may not be the work of modern humans at all. Neanderthals have been portrayed as brutish, animalistic cavemen, but the archaeological evidence suggests they weren't dummies. The Panel of Hands at El Castillo Cave in …
Cave art in Spain is the oldest in Europe, new dating method shows Los Angeles Times
World's Oldest Cave Art in Spain Possibly Made by Neanderthals San Francisco Chronicle
Spanish cave paintings shown as oldest in world Houston Chronicle
New York Times - msnbc.com
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Analysis Of Oldest Human Feces Reveal Neanderthals Ate Vegetables , New research suggests that Neanderthals and modern humans coexisted for a much longer time than previously thought. A new study concludes that modern humans arrived in Europe much earlier than previously believed, and that ...

Supervolcano cleared in Neanderthals' demise , VANCOUVER, British Columbia Neanderthals disappeared from Europe 40,000 years ago, about the same time as the region's biggest volcanic blast in the last 200,000 years. But don't blame the volcano, a new study suggests. Most of the eruption's climate ...

Neanderthals made some of Europe's oldest art , Criss-cross patterns deep in a Gibraltan cave suggest that the species had minds capable of abstract artistic expression. It looks like a game of tic tac toe, but engravings found deep inside a cave in Gibraltar might be a Neanderthal masterpiece.

A journey deep inside Spain's temple of cave art - BBC News , ° A journey deep inside Spain's temple of cave art ° ... celebrated rock art temples. When Homo sapiens first began their northward migration from Africa to Europe around 40,000 years ago, some joined the Neanderthals here in Cantabria, a region that is home to at least 40 painted caves , including El ...

Prehistoric rock art in Indonesia dated to 40000 years ago - World Socialist Web Site , ° Prehistoric rock art in Indonesia dated to 40000 years ago ° Archaeologists have previously discovered materials used by humans within many of the cave walls and have discovered a total of 90 rock art sites. Previously, the earliest dated evidence for human occupation at Sulawesi came from radiocarbon dates of ...

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Q&A: Cave Art Older, More Widespread Than Thought, Archaeologist Says - National Geographic , ° Q&A: Cave Art Older, More Widespread Than Thought, Archaeologist Says ° A human hand and a "pig-deer" drawn in an Indonesian cave at least 40,000 years ago put Asia in a virtual tie with Europe for the earliest known cave art . (See "Cave ... cave art . The dates proved startlingly ancient for cave paintings discovered ... ° RIP ScienceOnline, cave art in Indonesia is as old as European cave art , how ... PLoS Blogs (blog) ° Hand stencils, paintings in Indonesian 'raises questions about early mankind' Catholic Online

Europe (pronunciation: / j r p/ yewr- p or / j r p/ yur- p) is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally 'divided' from Asia to its east by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas. Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean and other bodies of water to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Black Sea and connected waterways to the southeast. Yet the borders of Europe a concept dating back to classical antiquity are somewhat arbitrary, as the primarily ...
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A cave or cavern is a natural underground space large enough for a human to enter. The term applies to natural cavities some part of which is in total darkness. The word cave also includes smaller spaces like rock shelters, sea caves, and grottos. nSpeleology is the science of exploration and study of all aspects of caves and the environment which surrounds the caves. Exploring a cave for recreation or science may be called caving, potholing, or, in Canada and the United States, spelunking (see caving). nThe formation and development of caves is known as speleogenesis. Caves are formed by various geologic processes. These may involve a combination of chemical processes, erosion from water, ...
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An extinct species of human that was widely distributed in ice-age Europe between c.120,000–35,000 years ago, with a receding forehead and prominent brow ridges. The emNeanderthals/em were associated with the Mousterian flint industry of the Middle Paleolithic ... An uncivilized, unintelligent, or uncouth person, esp. a man
The action or process of discovering or being discovered ... A person or thing discovered
Put forward for consideration ... Cause one to think that (something) exists or is the case
Depict (someone or something) in a work of art or literature ... (of an actor) Represent or play the part of (someone) on film or stage