What Is The Future of Manufacturing?

As new technologies emerge, and an increasing amount of startups are gaining attention for their ground-breaking ideas, businesspeople have high hopes for what that future of manufacturing will bring.

What Is The Future of Manufacturing? Jun 18th, 2017 05:50 UTC, Traditionally, manufacturing has been viewed as the process that transitions raw materials into physical products. Seems simple enough. But as we take a deeper transition into higher consumer consumption, the future of manufacturing is up for much speculation. A 66% match.

Making it: Manufacturers confident about future of industry (Jun 2017), GRAND FORKS — Manufacturing is on an upward trend both in North Dakota and Minnesota, and regional companies say they are confident the sector has a bright future. A 40% match.

In the Age of Automation, Where Will Workers Fit Into the Future of Manufacturing? (Jun 2017), Just a few years ago, the prevailing strategy in labor-dependent industries was to move production offshore. Cheap overseas labor increased the competitiveness and profitability of a typical manufacturing business. Only 23% similar.

The Future of Manufacturing with Data Analytics and Machine Learning (Jun 2017), For decades, industrial control systems have been generating enormous volumes of data, but in many cases that data hasn’t been fully employed to help companies reduce operating costs, improve reliability, A 42% match.

The Future of IoT and Automation in Manufacturing (Jun 2017), According to a newly released report from Frost & Sullivan, the forthcoming new business and operational models desire solution providers to move to digital solutions as the demand for new outcomes and higher insight develops. A 45% match.

Future of manufacturing is digital, Penn State professor says at Berks forum (Jun 2017), A Penn State Engineering professor said digital manufacturing is the start of the next industrial revolution. Timothy Simpson spoke Wednesday on the state of manufacturing in 2017 and beyond as part of an economic development partner forum. A 63% match.