Bloomberg’s New Hampshire event fuels White House bid talk
(Oct 2018) And while we’re getting stronger and stronger every . 76-year-old former three-term New York City mayor is serious about a 2020 presidential run. Bloomberg mulled, but decided against White House ru

A shouting match inside the White House unmasks one of Trump’s biggest lies
on 19th of Oct 2018 A shouting match has erupted inside the White House between two of President Trump’s top advisers . The explicitly stated goal of threatening the horrifying prospect of getting separated from your c

Here are some of the wild things Kanye said at the White House
(Oct 2018) He gets it.” West responded: “It was from the soul. I just channeled it.” Another wild thing that happened is that the entire world learned that West’s iPhone password is 000000. He typed it into his

Thursday in Missoula, the squatter in the White House praised a congressman for behaving like a thug
(Oct 2018) Some days it seems the guy squatting in the White House ought to be named Donald . on protesters at his rallies, and he gets laughs and huzzahs for it. One of these days, these incitements

Senate Gets F.B.I. Inquiry on Kavanaugh; White House Is ‘Confident’ on Confirmation
(Oct 2018) Those restrictions, she wrote, raise “serious concerns that this is not a credible investigation and begs the question: What other restrictions has the White House placed on the F.B.I.?” Senators from

‘Trump TV’ goes live from the White House (mostly on Fox)
(Oct 2018) Fox Business Network, in its second interview of Trump in as many days, broadcast its three-hour “Varney & Co.” live from the White House. It was a show that . you’re in effect getting advertising w

What did U.S. spy agencies know about threats on Khashoggi — and when?
(Oct 2018) Saudi Arabia must conduct a serious, no-holds-barred investigation of the apparent . has been skewed by the Trump White House for political reasons. And the investigation should examine the larger p