Why AutoML Is Set To Become The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

With every platform vendor attempting to democratize machine learning, AutoML is evolving as the future of artificial intelligence. It puts the power of AI in the hands of business analysts and technology decision makers.

Why AutoML Is Set To Become The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

When businesses identify a problem that can be solved through machine learning, they brief the data scientists and analysts to create a predictive analytics solution. In many cases, the turnaround time for delivering a solution is pretty long.

Even for experienced data scientists, evolving machine learning models that can accurately predict the results is always challenging and time-consuming. The complex workflow involved in machine learning models have multiple stages. Some of the significant steps include data acquisition, data exploration, feature engineering, model selection, experimentation and prediction.

There are multiple teams that get involved in arriving at the solution. Data engineering team works on data acquisition and preparation. Data scientists focus on experimentation and optimization of models. DevOps teams own the development environment, tooling, and hosting the inference models in production.

One trend that’s going to fundamentally change the face of ML-based solutions is AutoML. It is going to enable business analysts and developers to evolve machine learning models that can address complex scenarios.

AutoML focuses on two aspects ‘ Data acquisition and prediction. All the steps that take place in between these two phases will be abstracted by the AutoML platform. Essentially, users bring their own dataset, identify the labels, and push a button to generate a thoroughly trained and optimized model that’s ready to predict.

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