Your Futuristic Smart Mirror is Finally Here

company Daptly is prepared to make our futuristic dreams of owning a smart mirror a reality … B.J. is an Affiliate Scholar for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) and an Ambassador for the robotics company Humai.


Your Futuristic Smart Mirror is Finally Here Apr 15th, 2017 02:20 UTC, Throughout history, mirrors have been a topic of both curiosity and myth. According to some folklore, mirrors are actually gateways to another dimension. In science fiction, mirrors have been intelligent outlets of our increasingly digital lives. A 65% match.

Build Your Own "Smart Mirror" with a Two-Way Mirror and an Android Device (months ago), The idea of a smart mirror seems like some crazy thing from the future, but over on Adafruit, they show off a really easy way to build your own with an old Android device and a two-way mirror. 29% alike.

The ‘Smart’ Future of Commercial Real Estate (Apr 2017), There are a few ways that having a smart building in your commercial real estate portfolio will help . Many of the uses for smart technology in commercial real estate mirror the ways that it is used in residential real estate. A 40% match.

How to Make a Mirror That Tells You the Weather (months ago), Normal mirrors are pretty great, but we live in the future . the mirror. At this point, you're pretty much done. The only thing left is to install everything and plug it in. A 66% match.

What is a smart mirror and why do so many companies think you want one? (some months now), Smart homes need a hub – so why not make it the (theoretically) first thing you look at in the morning. While you’re brushing your . the smart mirror. And really, it’s hard to see it extended too far beyond that for the foreseeable future. A 61% match.

‘Smart Mirror’ Could Scan Your Face to Detect Health Risks (months ago), Besides just throwing back your handsome reflection, in the near future your mirror might tell you a lot about what lies . scanner would let you know if you’ve gained or lost weight. 28% alike.

Into the future: Dubai to launch autonomous flying taxis by July on 14th of Apr 2017, Well, teleportation might be a thing for the futurists of today to pine for, but flying cars are finally making a long-awaited appearance . One simply needs to enter the destination in the smartphone app and the vehicle takes off, A 41% match.