Picasso painting seized in Italy

DAWN.com ROME: Italian police have seized a 15-million-euro ($16m) Picasso and a precious Roman statue they suspect were about to be smuggled out of the country, media reports said on Friday. The Picasso was described as being a 1912 work from the Spanish … * Deccan Chronicle * ABC Online * i24news * 

Without Zayn, One Direction becomes four goofy white guys shouting

DAWN.com I’M a fan of One Direction’s music. It’s very efficient pop music that doubles as ecstatic, funny, and emotionally complex arena rock. Becoming a fan of One Direction’s music has inadvertently and perhaps inevitably drawn my focus toward the individual … * Daily Star * Metro * mirror.co.uk * -* 

Fayette County grand jury indicts 4 Chicago women on credit card charges

Lexington Herald Leader Live video streaming is the newest battle in social media, with Twitter releasing its own app to compete with early success story Meerkat. Mike Janela (@mikejanela) has the details. Inform News. http://launch.newsinc.com/share.html? * Fast Company * Macworld * CTV News * -* 

Author: My stories used in school books without permission

AsiaOne PETALING JAYA – A local author claims his short stories have been used without his permission or any agreement about royalties in a book published by the Education Ministry. Chua Kok Yee, 41, said his stories, Without Anchovies, Thieving Daughter and …

Wonderful Pre-Fall 2015

Officially, the Fall 2015/2016 shows have already begun in New York, so I thought it was about time to have a bit of a Pre-Fall 2015 run-down with lots of pretty sparkly dresses.

Nuclear Fusion Reactors Anyone?

Lockheed Martin Corp. said its engineers had made a breakthrough in the race to build a nuclear fusion reactor. They claim that within a decade they’ll develop and deploy a nuclear fusion reactor powerful enough to light over 80,000 homes