Wear Denims for the Holidays

Everyone loves a good piece of denim, and your favorite style stars and fashion icons are no exception. This gorgeous outfit makes a great go-to holiday look.


Women Wearing Pants (years back), In the Western world, Historically, in that part of the world, women have worn dresses and skirt-like garments while men have worn pants (trousers . pursuits. Only 22% similar.

With ‘Trousergate,’ Politics and Pants Collide in Britain (months ago), LONDON — Never mind Britain’s tortuous decision to . his frumpiness like a badge of honor. The online fashion editor of The Guardian, Morwenna Ferrier, lamented that even as the number of women in government grows, A 41% match.

Skinny jeans: the fashion trend that refuses to die (years back), Skinny jeans have been ubiquitous for a decade . the silent partner to a succession of high-fashion looks. Only 23% similar.

Why Working Women Should Wear Skirts Instead Of Pants (years back), A new study in Britain offers up an answer to this clash: choose skirts, not pants. At the University . it is-- skirts are the better choice if women want to impress their co-workers. Only 21% similar.

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