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Graham Norton fans have a theory about latest guests
on 03rd of Dec 2018 Cheryl and Michael B Jordan are the latest celebrities to inspire a fan theory, thanks to their appearance on The Graham Norton Show last week. The pop singer and Creed 2 actor both featured on the sa

What To Expect From The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon Crossover
on 03rd of Dec 2018 The Big Bang Theory is still on its extended Thanksgiving break, but when it returns, it will roll out its crossover episode with Young Sheldon. Announced last month, the special event will bring Iain

‘Outlander’ Star Duncan Lacroix Addresses Fan Theory That Murtagh Is Duncan Innes
on 03rd of Dec 2018 Murtagh is back! The Scotsman made his long-awaited return to “Outlander” in Sunday’s episode, but readers know the Starz TV show is going off the books with this storyline. They believe they could be

The far-right continues to spread the conspiracy theory that inspired the synagogue shooter
on 03rd of Dec 2018 In the month since a far-right gunman massacred 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh, PA, synagogue, seemingly driven by a conspiracy theory that Jews were orchestrating an invasion of the United States by migrant

How Game Theory and Blockchain Can Help Support a Better Banking Network
(Dec 2018) Banking today is far from what it used to be. Increasingly, in order to power the services that consumers demand, banks need to have access to wider arrays of tech as well as new methods of interactio

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki Goes Head-to
(since Nov, 2018) Johnny Galecki really put the squeeze on Kaley Cuoco for his “Big Bang Theory” co-star’s birthday. Galecki, who plays Cuoco’s onscreen husband on the CBS sitcom, reached out via Instagram to share an

How ‘A Wrinkle in Time’s Fifth Dimension Is Explained With Superstring Theory
(Dec 2018) When Dr. Alex Murry (a bearded Chris Pine) tries to explain a new theory of dimensional physics that would undo hundreds of years of accepted science in A Wrinkle in Time and allow for interstellar tr

“The Once and Future Worker” is Romney loyalist, Oren Cass’s labor theory of value
(Dec 2018) At the center of Marx’s critique of capitalism is a labor theory of value. Namely, the notion that treating labor as a commodity to buy and sell alienates workers from the act of production, causing f

Why The Big Bang Theory Took TWO Weeks Off
(Dec 2018) The Big Bang Theory took time off last week to give way for the Thanksgiving festivities, but the popular sitcom remains on hiatus this week, and its current scheduling situation explains why. Now in

The “why can’t we all just get along” theory of politics
on 03rd of Dec 2018 Neither Eve Peyser nor Bari Weiss is depicted in this stock photo of two older gentlemen arguing. It is meant to signify the concept of argument between friends. That is the purpose of the stock photo