American fashion model Bella Hadid’s Hot & Sizzling looks!

 Hadid and her siblings were originally raised on a ranch in Santa Barbara and then moved out to Malibu while she was still in elementary school.


9 Totally Flawless (& Weird) Ways to Pose in a Bikini, as Demonstrated by Bella Hadid on 18th of Apr 2017, Not only will you look like you're in tune with nature, but the flowers will 100 percent elevate your lace-up one-piece — and there's nothing more important in this world than doing that. And require your pals to wear varying colored suits. 27% alike.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd All OVER Each Other at Coachella, Where was Bella Hadid?! on 18th of Apr 2017, Selena Gomez's hit song 'Hands to Myself' couldn't be more perfect for her Coachella experience with The Weeknd. The two were practically inseparable, and posted their most intimate moments all over social media. A 61% match.

Here's What Bella Hadid Was Doing While The Weeknd and Selena Gomez Cuddled Up at Coachella (Hint: It's Intense!) (Apr 2017), Bella shared a photo with her girls, showing off her toned figure in a bright blue bikini as they cruised around on a boat and soaked up the sunshine. Only 24% similar.

Who needs Coachella! Bella Hadid looks flawless in blue bikini as she poses with model pals on a boat in Dubai (Apr 2017), Most of her friends are back in California traipsing around the Coachella Festival. But Bella Hadid was having a fabulous time in Dubai as she posed with pals on Sunday. 26% alike.

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