American fashion model Bella Hadid’s Hot & Sizzling looks!

 Hadid and her siblings were originally raised on a ranch in Santa Barbara and then moved out to Malibu while she was still in elementary school.


Tuesday's Best Pics: Charlize Theron Shares Her Blonde Ambition, Plus Bella Hadid, Céline Dion & More Jul 18th, 2017 03:00 UTC, 26% alike.

Stylishly dotty! Bella Hadid wears sophisticated polka dot dress with thigh-high slits for family night on 17th of Jul 2017, She's recently chopped off her hair to reveal a short bob. And Bella Hadid, 20, continued to rock the look with a thick headband pushing back her cropped brunette tresses on a night out in New York City Monday. 28% alike.

Bella Hadid Beats the Heat By Going Braless Again in New York City on 17th of Jul 2017, Can we just assume Bella Hadid doesn't own a bra anymore? As she's wont to do lately, Hadid went braless under an all-white ensemble while out in New York City on Monday. A 60% match.

Bella Hadid Just Went Even Shorter With a New Haircut on 17th of Jul 2017, Bella Hadid can't stop cutting her hair! The model joins Taraji P. Henson, Vanessa Hudgens and others in the #ShortHairDon'tCare club, sporting a brunette bob. 25% alike.

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