Anna Ewers Stars In Mango’s Summer 2015 Lookbook

2 Le Fashion Blog Mango Summer 2015 Lookbook Anna Ewers Orange Printed Jumpsuit Braided Belt Long Wavy Hair photo 2-Le-Fashion-Blog-Mango-Summer-2015-Lookbook-Anna-Ewers-Orange-Printed-Jumpsuit-Braided-Belt-Long-Wavy-Hair.jpg
3 Le Fashion Blog Mango Summer 2015 Lookbook Anna Ewers Beaded Lace Up White Dress Belt Long Wavy Hair photo 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-Mango-Summer-2015-Lookbook-Anna-Ewers-Beaded-Lace-Up-White-Dress-Belt-Long-Wavy-Hair.jpg
4 Le Fashion Blog Mango Summer 2015 Lookbook Anna Ewers Woven Top Long Hair Beachy Waves photo 4-Le-Fashion-Blog-Mango-Summer-2015-Lookbook-Anna-Ewers-Woven-Top-Long-Hair-Beachy-Waves.jpg
5 Le Fashion Blog Mango Summer 2015 Lookbook Anna Ewers Crochet Top Fringe Vest Ethnic Bucket Bag photo 5-Le-Fashion-Blog-Mango-Summer-2015-Lookbook-Anna-Ewers-Crochet-Top-Fringe-Vest-Ethnic-Bucket-Bag.jpg
6 Le Fashion Blog Mango Summer 2015 Lookbook Anna Ewers Lace Up Embroidered Top Floral Print Slit Skirt photo 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-Mango-Summer-2015-Lookbook-Anna-Ewers-Lace-Up-Embroidered-Top-Floral-Print-Slit-Skirt.jpg

As with the rest of the fashion world, I’m currently obsessed with model Anna Ewers. With her Brigitte Bardot looks and beachy waves, there’s no doubt she was the perfect choice to show off the Mango Summer 2015 collection. Love the prints and lace up sandals!

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Anna Ewers for Mango Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign (years back), Mango announced 21-year-old German model, Anna Ewers, as the new face for the brand’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. A 68% match.

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Anna Ewers Is The New Face Of Mango (years back), German model Anna Ewers, who appears in this year’s edition of the Pirelli calendar, is Mango’s latest campaign star. A 41% match.

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