Bill Gates: Choose a career to make an impact

Congratulations! You’ve just accomplished something I never managed to do—earn a college degree. Between your commencement speaker and every aunt and uncle at your graduation party, I am sure you are getting a lot of advice. Bill Gates recommends trying a career in artificial intelligence, energy or bioscience to make an impact.


Inside the Fall, and Rebirth, of a Bill Gates–Backed Battery Startup (Aug 2017), Aquion Energy’s abrupt bankruptcy filing in March left industry observers wondering what went so wrong, so quickly at the promising grid-battery startup. Only 22% similar.

Bill Gates meets with Donald Trump (Aug 2017), Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates meets with Donald Trump in New York and . impact of foreign aide and energy," Gates, who runs one of the largest private charities in the world, 28% alike.

This Country Is Rigged in 1,000 Directions to Protect the Wealthiest—Including the Idea That Most People 'Earned' Their Way to the Top (Aug 2017), Bill Gates’s Microsoft was primarily known for creating an operating . who was a regional director of the US Atomic Energy Commission. A 41% match.

Electricity bill and the Government’s monopolisation of the sector has me thinking – more power to entrepreneurs (Aug 2017), Most people reading know who the likes of Bill Gates or Elon Musk are . Renting a spare room can make you lots of money We’ll assume that with costs such as energy, bins and the like you pay out about €1, A 42% match.

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