Bill Gates: Choose a career to make an impact

Congratulations! You’ve just accomplished something I never managed to do—earn a college degree. Between your commencement speaker and every aunt and uncle at your graduation party, I am sure you are getting a lot of advice. Bill Gates recommends trying a career in artificial intelligence, energy or bioscience to make an impact.


Why Bad Things Happen to Clean-Energy Startups on 18th of Jun 2017, It raised nearly $200 million from prominent investors, including Bill Gates, and venture capitalists at Kleiner . Around that same time, LightSail Energy, A 42% match.

How would Ann Miura-Ko have reacted if Bill Gates had walked into her office in 1975? on 18th of Jun 2017, Bill Gates had to watch cash carefully since in the very early . It takes a lot of courage to shut the thing down you have spent all of this time and energy on. I appreciate the courage it took for the founders to move aggressively into Lyft. Only 22% similar.

Intellectual Ventures spinoff Pivotal raises $17M from Bill Gates, others (Jun 2017), Bill Gates has backed another spinoff from Bellevue’s Intellectual . connections to be much faster and use less spectrum capacity. “We can take a lot of energy and direct it and focus it right where we want it,” CEO Brian Deutsch said. Only 23% similar.

Pivotal Commware Lands $17M Series A From The Thermo Companies - DIG Investments - Bill Gates and Others (Jun 2017), This model has provided for a diverse set of successful holdings in real estate, energy, industrials . lands-17m-series-a-from-the-thermo-companies---dig-investments---bill-gates-and-others-300475095.html . Only 22% similar.

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