Technology – computers co-operate directly with human brain!

Many times people have to watch videos or look at images in order to detect a certain object. For example, policemen often use materials from security-cameras to spot a criminal. The problem is that human brain isn’t capable of analyzing large amount of digital information fast and with a single attempt.

Maybe a decade ago it wasn’t a difficulty, because there were less cameras and other detecting devices. However, nowadays situation is different. That’s why, professor Paul Sajda from Columbia University has recently started a new research.

According to the original source,, his team managed to create  an advanced headset. The new tool is pretty easy in use: the person puts it on, connects it to a computer that starts to show images. The approximate frequency is 10 images per second! Using modern technology, it scans electroencephalogram (EEG) that is produced by human brain each time we see a new image. Following the results of persons reaction, computer is able to detect which image is “unusual”, “more interesting” and so on.

Taking in account that Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has contributed $4.6 million to professor Sajda’s research, I am sure that this is indeed both a useful and amazing device.

The most interesting fact is that human, who uses it, makes almost subconscious decisions. In other words, all 10 choices per second are equal to 10 choice that are made per minute or two consciously! Such technology is surely a great present for tired security or policemen. ;-)

I think that the only thing that should be improved is getting rid of endless cables. Instead, researches could develop something like a wireless version. For example, the connection between computer and human brain based on Bluetooth.

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