Dutch Ovens

Photo by kanamas [flickr] … If you’ve ever looked at a bridal registry, been to a kitchen supply store or even a sporting goods store, you’ve probably seen a Dutch oven or two.

Sugar Science

Photo by Uwe Hermann White table sugar may seem boring and unassuming but it is responsible for many chemical reactions in cooking an baking. Its chemical properties provide browning power and the ability to keep food moist.

Powder or Soda?

Photo by Melissa Wiese One of the biggest mysteries to new and veteran cooks alike is the difference between baking soda and baking powder. Although similar, they both have unique characteristics and are not freely interchangeable.

Life Technologies releases Personal Genome Machine

Life Technologies has created Personal Genome Machine that weights approximately 30 kg and has a shape of an ordinary printer. It’s function is “translating” genetic information into digital.