Letters: Why Does Gender Equality Mean Fewer Women in STEM?

In February, Olga Khazan wrote about a new study that explored a strange paradox: Women in countries with more gender equality are less likely ‘ women are statistically not worse at STEM subjects than men,

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The more equal women and men are, the less they want the same things, study finds
on 18th of Oct 2018 Imagine an egalitarian society that treats women and men with equal respect . The answer, according to a new study, is a resounding no. The findings, published Thursday in Science, suggest that on t

The Reason Women Aren't Winning More Nobel Prizes
(Oct 2018) Though biochemical engineer Frances Arnold also won this year, for chemistry, the rarity of female Nobel laureates raises questions about women’s exclusion from education and careers in science. Femal

GeoGirls Rock! USGS women encourage and support the next generation of scientists
(Oct 2018) Moreover, women researchers are able to educate and encourage girls to pursue their passion for science.” According to 14-year-old GeoGirl Megan Martin of Vancouver, Wash., the program was an outstand

Feds Give $570,890 Science Grant to ‘Intersectional Feminisms’ Professor
on 18th of Oct 2018 The National Science Foundation awarded a half a million dollars to an "intersectional feminisms" professor to study how to recruit more women into STEM fields. The goal of the study, being led by

Yes, Women in Science Still Have a Disadvantage
(Oct 2018) Women today still face obstacles men don't encounter and often don't notice. I see this every day at my front door, in physics, where women are still underrepresented. Among the sciences, it's physics

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