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Bright Fall Colors

Bright Fall

The equinoxes might be expected to be in the middle of their respective seasons, but temperatures lag keeping these styles chic, bright and perfect for fall.

Business Networking Apps


There are many networking apps available where users can search for people with skill sets they’re interested in and reach out to connect with them via social media links. They can be a major asset and help increase business efficiency.

Why Google Continues to Fund Firefox

Google has its own web browser, so why is the company renewing its revenue deal with Mozilla? The answer is simple: Google makes money by putting eyeballs in front of ads and almost a quarter of the web’s eyeballs use Firefox.

Hubble Captures Violent Birth Pangs of Enormous Star

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a young star undergoing violent birth. The star, named S106 IR, has a mass of about 15 times that of our sun and lies approximately 2,000 light-years away in the constellation astronomers divide the sky into eighty-eight emconstellations/em with defined boundaries


20 Things About The Big Bang Theory Everyone Gets Wrong
on 15th of Oct 2018 When the absurdly successful CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory finally wraps its run in the spring of 2019, the series will have aired twelve long seasons, totaling a likely number of 279 episodes. It’s

The Big Bang Theory: Kunal Nayyar Weighs In On Show’s Conclusion
Oct 16th, 2018 06:55 UTC It’s been almost two months since an end date for The Big Bang Theory was set at CBS, and one of the stars is still finding it difficult to process the news. Appearing on Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres

Why Pricing Carbon Is Still More Theory Than Reality: QuickTake
(Oct 2018) It’s an idea that’s been around for more than two decades: To slow climate change, make polluters pay for the damage they cause. More than 60 nations, states and cities have adopted what’s known as ca

The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 4 review: The Tam Turbulence
Oct 16th, 2018 07:30 UTC Would it be cynical to say that The Tam Turbulence was a last-ditch effort from the writers to link The Big Bang Theory with its spin-off Young Sheldon before it’s over? Probably. It’d probably also b

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kunal Nayyar Is ‘Really Happy’ About India’s Anti
on 15th of Oct 2018 The English-born Indian actor told Ellen DeGeneres it “never made sense” to tell LGBTQ people who they can love. Kunal Nayyar couldn’t be prouder that his visit to India coincided with that nation’s h