zippora seven

Source: Foam Magazine Loving Zippy’s purple & grey striped sweater. I think I just adore stripey things in general. The composition of that particular image is so pretty with the matching flowers and white picket fence.

red accents

Source: stockholmstreetstyle/ Loveology/ US Marie Claire March 2011/ thelookbook/ stockholmstreetstyle I remember I was slightly besotted with those red tie-up Marc by Marc wedges a few seasons back.

April, May Fall 2011 Collection

Source: Photos via FashionGoneRogue April, May … Sort of a funny name for a French label (shouldn’t it be like avril, mai ?) but it doesn’t matter because the clothes are definitely my cup of tea.

beauty talk: brows

Source: Photos by Aitken Jolly for Dansk AW 2011/ Giorgio Armani Summer 2011 Beauty Campaign I am a huge fan of make-up but the funny thing is is that most of the time I hardly wear any.

Powder or Soda?

Photo by Melissa Wiese One of the biggest mysteries to new and veteran cooks alike is the difference between baking soda and baking powder. Although similar, they both have unique characteristics and are not freely interchangeable.

Cellphone review – Nokia 5800

Though Nokia 5800 is already thought as a relatively old model, I still want to post a review about it; because I have recently purchased it. I’ve heard many people saying things like “Oh, what a huge stone!