Powder or Soda?

Photo by Melissa Wiese One of the biggest mysteries to new and veteran cooks alike is the difference between baking soda and baking powder. Although similar, they both have unique characteristics and are not freely interchangeable.

Cellphone review – Nokia 5800

Though Nokia 5800 is already thought as a relatively old model, I still want to post a review about it; because I have recently purchased it. I’ve heard many people saying things like “Oh, what a huge stone!

The Keva Dress

I always knew that Ms. von Furstenburg was a genius with the wrap dress, but I thought that my one printed blue DvF classic wrap dress would be enough to quench my thirst for DvF.

There’s something about the girl

There’s something about the girls at Garance Dore. Maybe it’s their fresh faces, their glowing skin, their always inspiring looks, or their gazing eyes.

Pass The Bubbly Please

Ah. The New Year is upon us – where did the time go? One more reason to celebrate with friends and loved ones, and one more reason to dress up and look fabulous.