There’s something about the girl

There’s something about the girls at Garance Dore. Maybe it’s their fresh faces, their glowing skin, their always inspiring looks, or their gazing eyes. I love street-style blogs, because we’re not looking at people who dress to the nines everyday in clothes that cost more than they should. We’re simply looking at people with their own taste, their own style, just living their lives, who happened to be caught on camera and shown to the world.

Image Source: Garance Dore


FG Has Something to Hide? Uncle of One of the Rescued Chibok Girls Makes Revelations in New Video (May 2017), While speaking with Al Jazeerah, an uncle of one of the rescued Chibok girls said since his niece was released, his family have not been allowed to meet with her or speak to her on her experiences at the Boko Haram camp. 26% alike.

10 Fashion Staples for the 20-something girls May 24th, 2017 01:28 UTC, Being in your 20s can be hard, you make a sudden shift from living in your joggers at college to being out there in the real world and figuring your shit out. And while you are at it, you have to look impeccable as well to make an impression. 25% alike.

A Controversy over a Defiant Little Girl: Something the Diabetes Community Understands (May 2017), I was in lower Manhattan this week for a DRI Event (which was wonderful) and across from the front entrance were two famous artworks that have become the fodder for many who like to create, said, fodder. Only 21% similar.

SUPERNATURAL Recap: (S12E21) There’s Something About Mary (May 2017), Cass and Kelly Kline are still out in the world and no one knows where to find them. This week’s episode, “There’s Something About Mary,” there’s something . going on . with Mary. Only 22% similar.

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