Time Crystals Could Upend Physicists’ Theory of Time

‘Time Crystals’ Could Upend Physicists’ Theory of Time

A radical theory predicting the existence of “time crystals” — perpetual motion objects that break the symmetry of time — is being put to the test.


Physicists unveil new form of matter—time crystals (since Jan, 2017), Time crystals were first proposed in 2012 by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, and last year theoretical physicists at Princeton University and UC Santa Barbara's Station Q independently proved that such a crystal could be made.

Scientists Discover A Quantum Device 1000 Times Smaller Than Anything That Has Come Before It (Sep 2017), Yet, the quantum theory was invented more than a century ago. Before the 1900, physicists . a photonic crystal cavity. The nanocavity enables >95% spin polarization for efficient initialization of the atomic frequency comb memory.

Cold molecules: Progress in quantum engineering of chemistry and quantum matter (Sep 2017), Cooling atoms to ultralow temperatures has produced a wealth of opportunities in fundamental physics, precision metrology . Low energy scales can provide advantages, such as observability in real time, but they also impose new challenges.

Understanding what drives leaf size worldwide (Sep 2017), Physicists have made a device small enough . The researchers encoded quantum information into a photon, and fired it into the crystal.

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