Time Crystals Could Upend Physicists’ Theory of Time

‘Time Crystals’ Could Upend Physicists’ Theory of Time

A radical theory predicting the existence of “time crystals” — perpetual motion objects that break the symmetry of time — is being put to the test.


Physicists unveil new form of matter—time crystals (since Jan, 2017), Time crystals were first proposed in 2012 by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, and last year theoretical physicists at Princeton University and UC Santa Barbara's Station Q independently proved that such a crystal could be made.

Scientists Finally Observed Time Crystals—But What the Hell Are They? (since Mar, 2017), My first question was, “What is a time . theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek told Gizmodo.

Time crystals: New form of matter once thought to break laws of physics created by scientists (since Mar, 2017), Before their apparent creation, some researchers had expressed doubt that time crystals could be made as perpetual motion contradicts the laws of physics. But it is thought to be possible partly because of the strange way matter behaves at the quantum level.

Physicists Propose Building a Crystal of Space-Time (years back), And now a team of physicists has proposed a way to build one. This is highly strange, but the physics make sense, according to Wilczek's theory, which he published . with no external input.

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