White Bridesmaid Epidemic

white bridesmaids

Yesterday’s ultimate bride exasperater, today’s biggest trend: white is not exclusive to the only lady of the night anymore. Thanks to Pippa and Cara (starting to sound like a children novel) women all around the world are starting to come to terms with the idea of sharing the holy white with the most loved ones: bridesmaids.

For my wedding, the dress code for my bridesmaids were neutral tones – to some of them that meant silver and some, white. I thought I’d be upset but actually I wasn’t, afterall no one could confuse me with her. I WAS THE ONE WITH THE VEIL!

The sentiment makes more sense if you have a sister that can be your maid of honor (or a best friend that is like your sister) so that she can complete your look – instead of 15 ladies walking around in gorgeous white gowns. The key is to keep it low key: 1) no overdone lace, ruffle or embellishments, 2) preferably short dresses and even if it’s long absolutely no tails, 3) depending on the wedding theme; bohemian looks or simple chiffon layers are preferable, 4) no exaggerated cleavage and I’m repeating 5) no veil, no tiara – nothing but floral crowns!

poppy delevingne wedding cara

bridesmaids in gorgeous white gowns

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